Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pittsburgh Food Review: The O

Hot Dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs. And fries!

I don't think CR ever wavered in her decision to bring us first and foremost to this piece of Pittsburgh history.

The place is built almost like three different restaurants.

When you first walk in you're presented with a wall of hot dog choices. and ONLY hot dog choices. Beef or mixed? I choose beef (kosher). The toppings are too many to discuss, but i went with spicy brown mustard and chopped yellow onions. Classic.

We will save the discussion of whether or not ketchup deserves to be on a hot dog if you're over the age of 7 another time, but the Mrs. insists on this huhribble treatment of dogs.

But while the dogs were great, every 'burgher knows why you go to "The O."

The fries.

We got a medium, which took up most of a cafeteria style tray. The fries were STUPENDOUS!!!

And best of all, they came with cheese sauce (excellent) and gravy (good, but not the best overall cheese fries with gravy I've ever had...).

Over at the fry station you could also get anything other than a hot dog...fried fish or chicken, burgers, etc.

When we sat down to gorge ourselves, i noticed that there was also a pizza making station. Insane.

And what a beer selection...just amazing.


Hot Dog: A
Fries: A+

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