Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The End Of Tour

While the last notes of C'ville replay in my head, I can say for certain that this was a great tour.

Highlighted by terrific exploratory jams in Cincinnati and Albany, incredible energy at MSG and an instant classic of a tour closer that included a Naked Man, this tour certainly brought us back a few years in mind and spirit.

I said it after Hampton3 and after Summer Tour, but Phish is back. It's not 94, 97 or 2000, but the band is making high quality music on a nightly basis and we all should be glad.

Would i like Trey to stop cutting jams short? Sure. Could Fishman change up the beats a little more often to open up jams? Sure.

Were Mike and Page playing out of their minds exploring their instruments in new ways? Absolutely.

Mike was clearly the MVP of this tour, with Page a close second. Trey's re-emerging confidence may have played a bigger role in their overall sound, but in the four shows i saw live, Mike's melo-rhythmic bass lines (yes, i just made that up) anchored nearly every improvisation.

Quick Thoughts Before Full Reviews:

  • Best set I saw was MSG2 Set II (DOWNLOAD), C'ville Set II close 2nd (DOWNLOAD)
  • While the Garden is untouchable, JPJ Arena was a great place to see a show
  • Good opening sets at MSG1 and C'ville

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