Monday, September 14, 2009

Gorge Wolfman's: I just don't get the love...

Ok...i was there. I saw the amazing glowstick war (other than the AC/DC Bag at Hampton, prob the best of the year). The crowd was going nuts.

But it just doesn't hold up on tape. I listened in the car. I listened while chillin' out. I listened again while cooking dinner one night. It's just not there.

It's a good jam, had some nice peaks, but the crowd energy is what made it cool.

Compared to some of the other jams that weekend, and throughout tour, i'm not sure this makes a top 10.

Oh, why the hell not...In no particular order:

1. Gorge Light>Taste
2. Gorge Gin
3. RR Drowned>C&P>Joy
4. RR Tweezer>BDTNL
5. Gorge Sally>Gorge Jam
6. Merriweather 46 Days>OSN
7. SPAC BDTNL>20 Years Later
8. Darien Drowned>Caspian
9. RR Ghost
10. RR Boogie On (I LOVE the last two mins or so before YEM)

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