Monday, September 14, 2009

Mike Gordon @ The State Theater

I really had no idea what to expect at this show.

Never been to any of his other side projects, and let's face it, the songs Mike writes tend to be...well...weird.

While these songs were no different, there was a pervasive funkiness, a "mikeness" if you will, throughout the show.

Lot's of grooving, some pretty awful singing (even for these guys), a sick light show and a pretty cool venue all made for an enjoyable night.

Am i paying to go see Gordon solo again soon? No, but i'm glad i went and i hope that a song or two i heard make it into the Phish rotation.

9/12/09 State Theater Falls Church VA

Another Door
Andelmans' Yard
Emotional Railroad
Can't Stand Still
Ain't Wasting Time No More* >
La La La*
Couch Lady >
15 Step
Only A Dream

Sugar Shack
Taking It To The Streets

Show Notes:

* Allman Bros cover, Reid Genauer on guitar & vocals
^ Craig Myers original

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