Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6 & 7 2000, Shoreline

There are only three times in my phistory that i have ever been truly devastated at missing a show, and they all happened in just over a year:

1. Oswego '99 - thanks to EG's crush on a girl who shall not be named my entire crew blew their money on Woodstock that year. They all had a terrible time, came back fighting and many did not speak to each other ever again. I stayed home and enjoyed some Sophie Parker.

2. Big Cypress - continuing my year of phestival disappointments, everyone from my parents to my girlfriend to the girl that shall not be named conspired to make it impossible for EG and I to drive down and experience this one live.

3. Shoreline 2000 - at the time, i truly did not believe that they would play again. As many have noted, at this point they were merely going through the motions. There were so many reasons to go to these shows, but EG and I just couldn't make it happen. Before streaming video, before instant downloads and before movie theater simulcasts we just sat and hit refresh on Phantasytour.com for two days as the setlists came song by song.

Musically, these shows were mediocre. But to be there for the last notes ever played would have been epic and special. At the height of my pre-professional phandom, only missing out on these shows could have thrown me into the fit of depression and wallow that ensued after Merriweather that year.

Unlike the train wreck that was Coventry, these shows were a happy ending to nearly 20 years of incredible music in a serene setting near the birthplace of improvisational rock and roll.

And i'm still sad to have missed it.

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