Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shocked and Persuaded

"So much better I said to myself
And drawing quite close to the top of the shelf
I struggled with destiny upon the ledge
And gasped when defeated he slipped off the edge
And silence contagious in moments like these
Consumed me and strengthened my will to appease
The passion that sparked me one terrible night
And shocked and persuaded my soul to ignite..." - Tom Marshall & Trey Anastasio, "Rift"

How many times have I heard these lyrics? Yet while driving to work today I was reminded once again that no matter where I seem to be in life, I've been perfectly willing to drop anything and rearrange everything for a couple of hours of music, a few nights in a row, anywhere in the world.

With each tour announcement or rumor thereof, it's as if my body gets an electrical "shock" that fires up all of my tour instincts. Where are the shows? How are we gonna get there? Where are we staying? At the moment i feel like i'm waiting for this electrical pulse to hit for fall tour.

A feeling not felt since 04, when in reality i'd already lost a lot of "the feeling," was persuaded to re-emerge last September with the Hampton announcement. Since then, i've been almost giddy, with each show i've seen adding to the need to see more.

This year, my soul has literally been shocked and persuaded to ignite in a way that i wasn't sure would happen again. I'm listening to old shows with a new ear, finding golden moments that i'd never heard before in shows from '93 to '04 and waiting on the edge of my seat for more.

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