Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Tour Recaps

If this wasn't a blog I'd be speechless.

Between the grandeur and greatness of two of the most incredible venues in the nation, some amazing moments of music, and seeing shows with old friends and new it's hard to conjure up enough words to write intelligently about any of it, but i will try.

The most popular question I've received is definitely "Red Rocks v. Gorge?"

There's no comparison.

Red Rocks is a drive in/out 9000 person natural amphitheater with scattered parking lots. The views from anywhere are amazing, there is no bad seat in the house (though you better be prepared to hike to it) and the sound is unbelievable. If you weren't staring at giant rocks and the lights of Denver in the distance with the moon rising behind you it would be hard to distinguish the sound from an indoor arena.

The Gorge, is, well...Gorge-eous. Sorry, i had to. Look at the f-in' pics!

It's a giant campground with a general store and SICK all GA venue. The view is expansive, the sun mellows behind the ridge just as the show starts, no large screens or anything and an extremely pleasant breeze blows through the entire show.

My only issue is the sharp incline of the lawn which made it easy to tumble or be tumbled on.

The two venues couldn't be more different and each pleasing in their own ways.

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